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We offer foals for sale every year, most by our own stallion; but occasionally by outside stallions. Each of our crosses to Zeus are done in accordance with our breeding philosophy, keeping a good mind and willing attitude at the forefront, with conformation, health, and athleticism following. If a horse can't or won't learn, it does not matter how much physical ability he has, he will not make a good riding horse.
We do not price our foals until a few weeks after they are born and we do not offer in utero sales.  
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2018 AQHA StoneWashedWranglers
Zeus X BCS Rooster
Born April 17, 2018
5 panel N/N
Champagne Buckskin Roan (Amber Cream Roan) Filly
Tested: EE AA CrN ChN Rr
Pedigree for this filly can be seen here.

Chickpea was preliminarily diagnosed with OCD in the stifles around 4 months old due to her dam's milk being too rich and growing too fast. At 1 year old, it is still present, mostly in the right stifle. She has been on Platinum Osteon for several months with some improvement made. At this point, she may still outgrow it, it may be able to be corrected with minor surgery,  or it may stay with her. It causes her to trip at times in the hind end. She could still be broke to ride, but would likely only be able to handle mostly flat trails or arena.  
As a broodmare, she will be a 90+% color producer, never throwing a black or sorrel foal. Full sister to 2019 ABRA Reserve World Champion  AQHA Rooster on the Rocks. Video available. 

Price: ​ $1500 OBO
AQHA Grit N the Sugar "Kira"
Zeus X BCS Rooster
Born April 25, 2019
5 panel N/N
Dunskin Roan Filly
Color Panel: Ee AA CrN Dd Rr
Pedigree for this filly can be seen here.

Kira is a thick athletic filly who is going to make a phenomenal working horse.  She is a full sister to AQHA Rooster on the Rocks who is cleaning up in Colorado as a 3 year old and 2019 ABRA Reserve World Champion. 
She is not overly affectionate, but is coming around to scratches treats. Registration pending. 

Price: ​SOLD
 AQHA TakeNCareOfWhizness "Mayday"
Zeus X Top Hollywood Jackie
Born May 1, 2019
5 panel N/N
Champagne Dunskin (Amber Cream Dun) Filly
Color Panel: Ee AA CrN ChN Dd rr
Pedigree for this filly can be seen here.

Mayday takes after her dam's refined reining physique and is already showing natural ability with stops and low headed circles. This filly has presence and is just starting to come around wanting scratches. Full 2016 sister entered reining training this Spring. Our aim with this cross is for a reining foal with added bone  and health to be able to hold up to the rigors of the reining world, not to mention, stand out with a bit of flashy color.  Registration is pending. This is the last foal from Jewel and Zeus. 

Price: ​$3000
 AQHA Hai Bartender "April"
Zeus X Cougars Hanna
Born April 22, 2019
5 panel N/N
Grey Champagne Dunalino (Grey Gold Cream Dun) Filly
Tested: ee AA CrN ChN D/nd1 Gg
Pedigree for this filly can be seen here.

April is one of our favorites out of the cross so far. She prefers people to other horses and  her sole goal is to be scratched at all times. Aside from her affection, she is compact, athletic, and smart​. She is going to make someone a great partner. Full 2016 brother is 14.3h , has great hands and is described as unflappable. Registration pending.

Price: ​$SOLD