Examples of Color Possibilities from Zeus
These examples are what you can typically expect out of sorrel, bay, or black mares. The color of the mare can change the chances for a specific color or can eliminate the possibility of certain colors also. It is helpful to have your mare tested for Extension (red/black) and Agouti (bay). These tests are available from UC Davis or Animal Genetics, Inc. and are relatively cheap (~$25 per test). 

You can also visit this color calculator to see what Zeus could produce out your mare. There is no calculator out there that has his exact color combination, but you can get a pretty good idea on the Animal Genetics calculator. Use "amber champagne dun" (Ee AA) for Zeus, then add a cream gene to every possible result. For example, if one of the possibilities is a "bay dun," then, really it would be a dunskin. This calculator also does not take Roan into consideration.

If you are interested in learning what possible colors Zeus could produce out of your mare, please send us her information on the Contact Us page.

Gold Cream
(Champagne Palomino)
Picture courtesy Rancho Bayo

Amber Cream Dun
(Champagne Dunskin)
Picture by Dalora Schafer


Dunskin Roan

Buckskin Roan


Amber Cream
​(Champagne Buckskin)

Gold Cream Dun
(Champagne Dunalino)
Picture by Cherie Wasson

Amber Cream Roan
(Champagne Buckskin Roan)

Pictured: Hollywood Dun It

Not Pictured:

Palomino Roan
Dunalino Roan
Gold Cream Roan
Gold Cream Dun Roan

It is unlikely that Zeus will produce any red-based roan foals out of non-roan mares. Though these colors do exist, the chance is so small that I did not include examples.


Amber Cream Dun Roan
(Champagne Dunskin Roan)

Out of a Sorrel

Out of a heterzygous (Ee) Bay/Black

Out of a homozygous (EE) Bay/Black

Possible Eye Colors
All of Zeus's offpsring (out of plain colored mares) start out either buckskin or palomino . If the foal does not receive a champagne gene, then the eyes will be brown, like that of any other buckskin or palomino. However, the addition of champagne to a buckskin or palomino horse can change the eye color.

Most foals that get champagne and cream together will be born with blue or light colored eyes that will darken for up to 2 years.

There is no way to predict what the final eye color will be, though it is likely that other dilution genes could also play a role. I also postulate that darker or lighter eye color is effected by individuals as I have noticed that certain champagnes tend to throw lighter or darker eyes consistently.

These pictures are just Google stock photos of the eyes of mature horses that carry both cream and champagne; these are just examples of potential eye colors for foals by Zeus out of sorrel, bay, or black mares.

Gold cream champagne eyes

Amber cream champagne eyes