2015 Grey Gold Cream Dun

2018 Breeding Information

2014 Amber Cream
Live Cover & Shipped Cooled Semen Available
Standing March 1st - June 30th, 2018
2018 Stud Fee: $550
Booking Fee: $150
Collection & Shipping Fee: $300
  Mare Care: $8/day, dry only
Live Color Foal Guarantee (LCFG)
5 Panel N/N           LWO N/N 
Ee AA CrCr ChN Dd Rr
​(Roan is E linked)

Discounts Available!
Due to mare owner feedback in 2017, we have moved on to our 5th attempt at a reliable collection facility, River Grove Veterinary Service and I think we have a winner! Dr. Melissa Patten has been amazing  to work with along with her extensive expertise in equine reproduction.  
We highly recommend that your mare be tested for the 5 disease panel, though it is not a requirement to breed to Zeus at this time. Please click here for information about the diseases that are tested for and why it is important to know the status of any breeding stock. Zeus has been tested by both UC Davis and Animal Genetics, Inc and is not a carrier for any of the diseases on the panel. We also do not recommend cream carrying mares to breed to Zeus.
A contract is required to breed to Zeus, along with a non-refundable booking fee, that goes towards the stud fee. Unregistered mares are accepted but the full breeding fee must be paid before servicing. Stud fees must be paid in full prior to shipping any semen. Please contact us for either a Live Cover or Shipped Semen contract.